Mail art time!

So, for a while I’ve been interested in the concept of mail art. A while back I purchased Good Mail Day and  Mail Me Art and have looked through and read both several times, enjoying the pictures of the cool Continue reading


Good Bot, Bad Bot

I’m a fan of Sharpies, especially nice pointy new juicy ones! I’m saving this idea for a rainy day – this artist named Gary Hirsch makes bots using oil-based paint Sharpie markers. They are cute! And I’m a fan of robots too – simply because they are easy to draw or doodle and you can use your imagination and create them any way you want – just like Gary has done! Read all about Gary and his art on the Sharpie blog:
Good Bot, Bad Bot

Mission Federal ArtWalk San Diego

The ArtWalk is April 30 and May 1 in San Diego! I’ve never been but am planning on going to see the different artists and the events that they have planned. I’m sure I’ll find some ideas to incorporate into my Art Liaison position on PTA. There are a few group collaboration drawing/painting events and quite a few art activities just for kids. It’s in the art district downtown in Little Italy. Can’t wait!

Mission Federal ArtWalk San Diego