Cute stationery

Last week we enjoyed a day out at the Japanese department store where we had some delish ramen and browsed the bookstore which was filled with lots of fun stuff for people who like stationery. Everything in a Japanese stationery store is Continue reading


Custom senior yearbook ads

My daughter is now a senior in high school and I’m excited because I am going to purchase a senior yearbook ad to tell her how proud we are of her. Of course I am going to design something totally cool for her since Continue reading

My eco-conscious friends – need cute reusable grocery bags?

I designed a set of reusable grocery bags last year. The designs I put on them are girly and cute. Please check them out – my website is Fortune True Reusable Bags. They have a side pocket, long handles, a plastic insert in the bottom and are useful for a lot more than just groceries!

  • Use them for any shopping – the mall, Target, Walmart, etc.
  • Use them when I grocery shop (some stores even give you a credit for bringing your own bag)
  • Hang one on your laundry room doorknob to collect recyclable trash/cans/packaging – when it’s full make it one of your kids’ chores to empty it in the big recycling can
  • Take it on playdates to the park, beach, friend’s house – it’s great for packing up toys, snacks, blanket, waterbottles
  • Take it to the gym to carry your towel, change of clothes, etc.
Most important thing to remember when you have reusable bags is to bring them to the store when you shop! I keep a stack of them in my trunk so I always have them. These bags always get compliments at the store! 

Got my new business cards!

Time to hand out new business cards! I just got these in a few days ago. I love them! When was the last time you got new business cards? Are you due for a new one? I only ordered 250 this time so that I wouldn’t have a bunch left over by the time I felt like I needed a new design. I’m going through the local coupon mailers and am going to send my new marketing postcard (in the process of being designed) to new prospective clients. Since I draw cute caricature/characters I am targeting women business owners, especially hairstylists and others in the beauty industry to see if they need my services. I want to get some new clients for ad design. I’ll send them my new business card along with the postcard!