Good Bot, Bad Bot

I’m a fan of Sharpies, especially nice pointy new juicy ones! I’m saving this idea for a rainy day – this artist named Gary Hirsch makes bots using oil-based paint Sharpie markers. They are cute! And I’m a fan of robots too – simply because they are easy to draw or doodle and you can use your imagination and create them any way you want – just like Gary has done! Read all about Gary and his art on the Sharpie blog:
Good Bot, Bad Bot


Cute stationery

Last week we enjoyed a day out at the Japanese department store where we had some delish ramen and browsed the bookstore which was filled with lots of fun stuff for people who like stationery. Everything in a Japanese stationery store is Continue reading

Asian shop full of claw games

Being Asian, we like to go eat dumplings or dim sum every now and then and go shopping at the Asian grocery stores. We tried out a new-to-us dumpling restaurant a couple days ago and went shopping to see what cute things we could find. We went into the store right next door the restaurant we were at and besides lots of so-cute Hello Kitty things, lots of cute stationery things and other Asian things, a good third of the shop was wall-to-wall arcade claw games – all the same outside but the toys on the inside were super cute. The picture above only shows a few of the games, but there were about 20 or so of these ‘games’ with the claw that comes down and you have to grab the prize. I thought it was pretty cool! Below is a collage of some of the toys inside the games. There was a picture posted on the Hello Kitty game – some guy spent $28 (in quarters!) to win one.