Hand-carved stamps to make

There are a lot of things that I’d like to do some day…and I just found another thing to add to my list. From Geninne’s blog, I just found her tutorial Continue reading


Have a FB fan page?

If you have a FB fan page, then add a widget to your blog to make it easy for your blog readers to become a fan.

Click here for the FB Fan box widget. You can add it to your blogger site just by clicking a few buttons.

Note to my clients and others using the 2-column Minima template:
You will want to modify the width of the widget to 220px and add code for the height, depending on how many fans you want to show up in the widget. The default is 10 fans, but if you want more, then add the following code so it looks like the image below:

height=”400″ (adjust to your needs)
I found more Facebook widgets on Widgets for Free and they also have Twitter widgets and more. 
It’s hard not to go crazy with all the widgets in the side bar. Remember, you can change where they show up in the Layout tab by clicking on the element and dragging it up or down. 

Updated my favicon!

I just customized my favicon (it’s the little graphic left of the URL in the address bar of the browser). It’s not hard to do and it gives a personalized touch to my blog.

Want to do it yourself? First you need to create your favicon file. You can use your logo (or a portion of it), your chick graphic (zoom in on her though) or any image that you want. If you can Photoshop, just create a new 16x16px image and save it as your favicon in .png format on your computer. If you don’t Photoshop, there are some online favicon generators that will do all the work for you. I have listed a couple below.

After you’ve gotten your favicon image saved, you’ll need to upload it so you can get a URL. You can use sites such as Photobucket, Flickr, or Imageshack. You will need the link/URL to the image itself.

Then, follow the instructions below on how to replace the standard Blogger favicon with your very own fabulous favicon!

Here is how to replace the favicon for your blog:

  1. In your Blogger Dashboard, go to Layout>Edit HTML.
  2. Back up your existing template before making changes in case something wonky happens. (To back up your template, just select all the code, CTRL-C to copy and paste it in a text editor and save it on your computer.)
  3. Place the following code directly below the  tag in your template, substituting the URL (in red) with the URL to your image. (Your image may end in .png, .ico, or .jpg.)
<link href=’http://yourimageURLhere.png‘ rel=’shortcut icon’ type=’image/vnd.microsoft.icon’ /> <link href=’http://yourimageURLhere.png‘ rel=’icon’/>

  4. Save your template.

  5. View your blog and you should see your new favicon! If you don’t, refresh your browser and delete your cookies.

Here are a couple of online Favicon generators: