i love art!

Hi! I  am Clara. I am starting this new blog to share my love for art and being creative. I figure this blog will be a good place to show some of the art projects I teach to elementary school kids as well as some of the other art I like. I am hoping that it will be a place where parents who want to encourage their child’s artistic and creative energies can come to learn how to do things. Ever since I can remember I’ve been creatively inclined, but as a child growing up I don’t remember my parents really encouraging that interest, not because they weren’t good parents but because they focused more on academics. Now that I have had kids I share the art I do with them every chance I get. Sometimes they don’t get as excited as I get about it, but I know that they enjoy the creative time we spend together making art, playing with art supplies and learning.

So thank you for visiting and I hope you come again. Please always feel free to comment or ask questions too.


About the collage:

This is a mixed media collage I did. The finished piece was about 18 inches square, built using a photo mat with layers under the mat and above it and framed in a shadow box frame. I used cardstock, various paints and collage bits to build it. I like to go crazy with hair – if only people’s hair was like the way I make it in my art…


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