Yay! I got my first mail art!

Getting good mail when you go to your mailbox is the best thing! Today was a good mail day for me – I received my first mail art! It came from Pamela in SF, whom I sent mailart to about a week or so ago. She made a cool envelope that was Japanese themed – it had cute sushi tape on it and some washi tape. Inside was a collection of various Chinese red money envelopes, some joss paper, a vintage envelope and a couple of handwritten letters, one of which was written on the cutest stationery. I love it! I can’t wait to get more mail art! Thank you, Pamela!

Send mail art to get mail art. Make Every Day a Good Mail Day is where I found out about mail art and found some mail artists to write to. Make sure to take a peek at Pamela’s blog – she sends and receives a lot of mail art and you’ll love looking at it all on her blog.


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