Good Bot, Bad Bot

I’m a fan of Sharpies, especially nice pointy new juicy ones! I’m saving this idea for a rainy day – this artist named Gary Hirsch makes bots using oil-based paint Sharpie markers. They are cute! And I’m a fan of robots too – simply because they are easy to draw or doodle and you can use your imagination and create them any way you want – just like Gary has done! Read all about Gary and his art on the Sharpie blog:
Good Bot, Bad Bot


Mehndi decorated cookies

A canvas can be made out of anything – how about a cookie? This recipe shows you how to make a spice cookie in the shape of a hand and you decorate it with Mehndi designs! I haven’t tried the recipe yet, but it looks pretty good. Maybe we’ll do these next time there’s a rainy day! See the recipe and instructions at Sprinkle Bakes