Got my new business cards!

Time to hand out new business cards! I just got these in a few days ago. I love them! When was the last time you got new business cards? Are you due for a new one? I only ordered 250 this time so that I wouldn’t have a bunch left over by the time I felt like I needed a new design. I’m going through the local coupon mailers and am going to send my new marketing postcard (in the process of being designed) to new prospective clients. Since I draw cute caricature/characters I am targeting women business owners, especially hairstylists and others in the beauty industry to see if they need my services. I want to get some new clients for ad design. I’ll send them my new business card along with the postcard!


Valentine’s Day Card

I just found a cool contest for a Valentine’s Day coloring card (printable for kids) on Cool Mom Picks¬†that benefits the Children’s Heart Foundation.¬†With 30 minutes to spare before the deadline, here’s my entry. I wanted the card to be simple to color without too many small details, but enough so there are creative options. If this one doesn’t get chosen, I’ll make it into a download so check back! Thanks for looking!

rearranging my studio space

Now that I have my own studio space, I have been trying to organize all my supplies, books and files so that it works and looks good. I love Ikea and have lots of their stuff in my studio. I have been arranging and rearranging my space since we moved (almost 4 months now) and today I did some more. Seems like I need everything organized before I can truly focus on my 2010 goals. I’ll post some pics soon!

Happy New Year

I love the thought of everything being new and getting a fresh start. Happy New Year! May 2010 be filled with good things and the energy (be it physical, creative or spiritual) to cultivate more. With the new year I have just decided on a whim to delete all my old posts (there were less than 20 and the last one was two years ago…sad!) and start anew. My plans for this year are to focus on marketing my art/graphic design business. I love creating art for people!